Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mind Blowing Experience

The Upanishads declare that liberation of Consciousness from mind is freedom from Samaskara and Karma. So, What is this relationship between the Mind and Karma?
Every experience of the five sense organs andthe five organ of action stored in the Subconscious and unconscious mind ina perticular geometrical form which is known as Yantra or archetype. When we see an object or smell an odour, when something makes you happy or sad, the momory of that experience is stored in symbolic form, which represent the whole experience. It is similar to the DNA molecule, Which is a complete representation of the entire genetic make up. In the Same way, every experience in your life is recorded in a specific symbolic form called"YANTRA". Thus the mantra of the breath is the sound viberation and the yantra is the form.

Repetition of the mantras with the breath brings the mind into the sunconscious level and then it goes deeper into the unconscious. When the consciousness is absorbed in the deeper realms of the mind and there are no external distractions, then the yantra of the breath manifests and becomes a living experiences. Reflection on the Yantra is therefore the process of concentrating the mind until it arrives at the final point of illumination.

On reaching that point of concentration where the Yantra becomes manifest, an explosion of energy occurs. The samething is explained in the Tantras, where it is startes that the two poles of relativity, Shiva and Shakti, time and space, cometogether and meet in the nucleus. Then creation brusts both into existance. Hence you could even say that concentration on the breath Yantra subsequently leads to what people call a "MIND BLOWING EXPERIENCE"

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Body Mind Conversation

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